Secure Storage Of Legal Documents

A full secure service for your most important documents.  Full access will be given to you for updates.  Giving you peace of mind to you and your family.

NEVER keep your Will in a bank safety deposit box. When someone dies, the bank can’t open the deposit box until the executor gets probate (permission from the court to administer your affairs) – and probate can’t be granted without the will. Always make sure that your will can be accessed without probate.

You could store your Will at home but this leaves it vulnerable to accidental damage or burglary. If you choose to store your Will in your house, don’t use paper clips, staples or anything else that leaves a mark to avoid mistakenly suggesting that sections or amendments could be missing.

Also, if your Will is being stored at home any person who finds the Will could destroy it and therefore, you have died INTESTATE

At Protected Life Planning Ltd you will have a dedicated 24 hour number on your Executor cards as you must always tell your Executors where your Will is being stored.  Do not just tell them this, write this within your Estate Planning Pack that Protected Life Planning Ltd will arrange for you.  The Executors will be sent your Will within 24 hours, after a death certificate has been produced.  This is a legal requirement.