Probate Service

Probate can be a very stressful time for your family.  Each family will deal with this process differently.  Executors have a choice to do probate by themselves or hand over to a professional body.  At protected life planning ltd, we are there to help without the thousands of pounds that companies charge for probate.

We have two plans that can save so much money to your estate, but still giving support to your family.

DIY Assist Service

If your family would like any advice or assistance with probate, we are there for them for full support and guidance through the process.

Probate Assist Gold Service

Full support and guidance for your executors.  The difference is that protected life planning with work with your executors choosing when they need help and hand over to us when in small sections or as much as they want us to do.  This is a full bespoke service as you can do as little or much as you can.

Both services have an upfront fee and one off cost, no nasty surprises at the end of probate.